Canter 3.5

If you’re driving and working in the crowded streets of Britain’s cities, Canter 3.5t does the job. With the smallest turning circle in its class and a neat cab width of under 2m, it gets just about anywhere a van can go – and you can drive it on a standard UK car licence, with no special training. Spacious cabs and independent suspension ensure a comfortable ride, and the longest body length in its segment means there’s plenty of room for the tools and materials of your trade. The Canter 3.5t – the real city slicker of the range.

Small but tough, the Canter 3.5t carries heavy loads and has great driver visibility, making it perfectly suited to construct work.

The Canter 3.5t has a small turning circle, narrow cab and excellent visibility, making it perfect for urban use.

The robust and flexible ladder-type frame can attach a range of bodies, making the Canter versatile and convenient.