The construction site is its playground: the Arocs rated at 18 – 41 tonnes.

Regardless of whether it is a semitrailer tractor vehicle, platform vehicle, cement mixer or heavy-duty tipper: The on-road and all-wheel variants of the Arocs provide an especially robust, resilient vehicle that is optimally prepared for use for almost any construction haulage challenge.

Highlights at a glance

Just like with the conventional mirrors, you can adjust the area shown using the door control panel. Besides the screen brightness adjusting to twilight/darkness automatically, you can also set screen brightness manually for optimum adjustment to the traffic conditions. 

Two USB-C ports enable the connection of mass storage devices, 5 V charging up to 3 A as well as the connection of two mobile devices for hands-free operation via Dual Bluetooth. The smartphone integration Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is also possible.

The new electronic parking brake with hold function combines easier handling and greater safety.

The new assistance system aids the driverin recognising certain traffic signs in real-time, displays up to two of them in the instrument cluster simultaneously and thus makes for greater safety and driving comfort. What's more it warns the driver both visually and audibly - for example in the case of exceeding speed limits.

The system integrates a driving style optimised for the route topography into the operating mode of the automatic transmission and, in conjunction with precisely coordinated shift strategy, allows fuel savings of up to 5% to be achieved.

The fifth generation of the system assits the driver in that, under ideal conditions and within the system's capabilities, it can perform emergency braking when approaching stationary and moving objects, and perform partial or full braking for moving pedestrains, thus mitigating or even preventing accidents entirely.

With Mercedes-Benz Uptime we are pursuing a clear objective: to permanently minimise unscheduled vehicle downtime and to make repairs predictable resulting in increased vehicle availability.

this optionally available system can assit the driver during cornering or lane changing by detecting moving and stationary objects in the warning zone on the right or in the tracking pattern in certain situations 1,2 and providing visual and audible warnings for the driver.